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If you are interested in learning more about our Faith Formation program or upcoming Youth Ministry activities, please contact Deb Braden by email at or Angela Dvorak at  We can also be reached by phone at (920)-756-2535.

Here to register online for the Body, Soul, Spirit  talk with Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora?  Click here to register.

Information about Summer camps, including Totus Tuus, can be found at the bottom of this page!


Youth Ministry

We have lots of Youth Ministry events happening at Holy Family Parish!  Join us weekly for Middle School Pizza and Prayer, which takes place every Friday from 4:30PM - 6:00PM.

Interested in registering for the WSYM Lock-in on February 9th at the Kroc Center in Green Bay?  Download the event poster for more information about the event.  Online registration available here.  Students will depart from Holy Family Parish at 4:00pm and arrive back at the parish 8.5 hours later at 12:30am. If you have any questions, please contact Deb Braden or Angela Dvorak.  Email: or   Phone: (920)-756-2535

To learn more about Catholic Youth Expeditions, check out their website!  


Summer Camps

We are currently in the proccess of planning the Summer camps for 2019.  Following is a list of summer camps that will be happening this summer.  Please contact Deb Braden or Angela Dvorak to sign up or learn more.  Email: or   Phone: (920)-756-2535

Love Begins Here (June 9-12)

Middle School students at Holy Family have been participating in Love Begins Here ever since it came to the Diocese of Green Bay in 2017.  With the life of Saint Teresa of Calcutta as an inspiration, Love Begins Here is all about doing small things with great love.  Every day, the the campers spend time in prayer receiving the love of God, and then they head out into the local community to share that love with others through service.  This summer, Holy Family students will be participating in the LBH Session at St. Gabriel Parish, Neenah from June 9-12.

Totus Tuus (July 7-12)

Holy Family Parish will be hosting Totus Tuus for another week of faith and fun this summer.  Totus Tuus, which means "Totally Yours" in Latin, has a mission of inspiring young people (grades 1-12) to a longing for holiness, a deep desire to daily conversion, and an oppenness to their vocation.  The Totus Tuss team spends the morning and early afternoon with kids grades 1-6, and evenings with the older students.

Catholic Heart Work Camp (July 14-20)

This year, the group from Holy Family Parish will be heading out to Huntingburg, Indiana for Catholic Heart Work Camp.  At this site there will be a variety of service projects that need to be done, including helping at the local parish, day care centers, homes for persons with disabilities, and senior citizen homes.  There will also be some traditional service projects, which include painting, yard work, and building rehab.

Steubenville Youth Conference - Mini Pilgrimmage (July 26-28)

Every summer, teens across the US attend Steubenville Youth Conferences and experience the overflowing love of God.  This summer, Holy Family Parish will be taking part in a Mini Pilgrimmage for the Steubenville Youth Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Camp Tekakwitha

This summer, Holy Family will be sending a group of Middle Schoolers to Camp Tekakwitha in Shawano, WI for a week of faith and fun!  


Make sure to view this page again at a later date for even more information about the Summer 2019 camps!


Interesting Tidbits
According to tradition, Saint Nicholas was a bishop who lived in the 4th Century A.D., in a place called Myra, which, at the time, was considered to be part of Greece.  Apparently he took Jesus' words in the Gospel very seriously, because, knowing that Jesus commanded us to "go, sell what you have and give to the poor," he was generous to the poor, and often assisted those who were sick or suffering.

One of the most popular stories about Saint Nicholas invovles a very poor father and his three daughters.  In that time, women had to provide a sum of money, called a dowry, to their husband's family before getting married.  Because the father was so poor, the daughters did not have any dowries and faced the possibility of being sold into slavery instead of getting married.  Nicholas, hearing about the situation, took it upon himself to help them in secret.  On three separate occasions, he secretly delivered a bag of gold to the family, one bag for each daughter. 

Legends differ in the Saint's method of delivery; some versions of the tale say that Nicholas threw the bags of gold through an open window where it landed in somebody's shoe that was sitting by the fireplace.  Other versions claim that Nicholas dropped the gold down the family's chimney, where it landed in a stocking.  Either way, both legends say that on the bishop's third nighttime escapade, the father finally managed to catch him red-handed!  Even though Nicholas begged him not to tell anyone, word of his deed spread anyways, leaving us with this wonderful story!

Fun Facts: According to legend, Bishop Nicholas attended the First Council of Nicea, and decked Arius in the face for his heresy.  While this legend is most likely untrue, the image of Santa punching a heretic in front of a coucil of bishops is definitely an interesting one!

Want to learn more?  Check out this article from National Geographic on Saint Nicholas!  Or read some of the articles about him on the Saint Nicholas Center website, which is completely filled with information about him!

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